What motivated me today + blog Instagram!

Today I sat in the library for 8 hours trying to get as much work done as possible.  Half of which was spent doing some second hand listening to the music of the man sat two tables away from me who insisted on having his tunes so loud that I could hear, even with his earphones in.  Thanks, pal.

His playlist wasn’t actually too bad – little bit of the Kooks here, bit of the Cure there.  The 1975’s Heart Out was definitely his favourite, though – he went back and put that on almost methodically after every two or three songs.

But the best thing about today?  I finally made decent progress on my dissertation!! *Crowd cheers*

How did I achieve such an impossible task?

What motivated me today was:

  • Knowing I had no excuse to leave the library (I had no other plans and brought a packed lunch)
  • Knowing that my deadline is 7 weeks tomorrow (and that I have 5000 words for other classes due before that!)
  • Sitting in a different part of the library (I didn’t get a booth, but it was quiet and had PINK booths in that area, I’ll need to get a picture for you all)

I also spent a bit of time planning more for this blog’s Instagram.  I want to link it to my blog better and try and keep posting on it as often – who knew that it would be easier to write 500 words a day than to take and edit a decent picture?

If you haven’t seen it already, give me a wee follow @sarrachristine_ and join me as I try to become more active.



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