Stress Overload!!!

I’m stressed.

My sugar cravings are growing, my skin is getting worse and my nails are getting shorter.  Aaaand I have approx. 2835 things on my mind at any given time.  In ten seconds I can go from ‘maybe I should take up yoga’ to ‘how many YouTube videos would it take for me to get good and doing eye make-up?’.

Uni is hard and job-hunting is relentless.  So how can I deal with this when my usual go-to’s aren’t working?

I do a lot of exercising, and I think the endorphins have mostly managed to mask just how overwhelmed I actually am.  But standing in Tesco’s today deciding what bag of chocolate (it is a proven de-stresser, right?) I should buy to accompany the pack of flapjacks I’d already picked up, I realised that maybe I need a bit more than cardio to help me keep on top of things.

I’ve been drinking at least two large cups of green tea a day and this is usually the most soothing thing to me.  But in a panic I almost down these and am back to square one again.

I make lists that are as short and manageable as possible.  I’ve been writing ‘goals for the week’ lists every Friday, but this week I’ve hardly done anything that I thought I’d be able to.  And it’s not from lack of trying.

What more can I do? 

I’m going to take a couple of days off from uni work and job-hunting this weekend.  I have short shifts at work both tomorrow and Saturday that should be alright, and I have another Muay Thai interclub tomorrow night so I’m hoping some boxing and a vodka will lighten my soul.

While writing this, I’ve went and put myself on another cup of tea and I’m grabbed some more of the chocolate I bought – I mean, if I eat it all today, there will be nothing to tempt me this weekend.  Logic.

Venting all of this here is making me feel slightly more relaxed already, and now I’m think it’ll be some light stretching and an early night for me.  If you have any great stress busting tips, please let me know!





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