Lazy Afternoons..

How it is half 5 already?  The day (week) has flown by and now we’re truly onto the weekend, yayy. 

After getting home from work around half one – and with my TV satellite still down – I have dedicated my afternoon to watching whatever 4od wanted to recommend for me, which has included this…




and this.


Fun afternoon then? At least now I know what my catch-up services think of me with those recommendations.  Out of those, I would recommend watching Celebs Go Dating but I already love that.

I did say I would do nothing today, but lying in bed and watching catch-up TV for hours has given me all the relaxation top-up that I need to get me through the next week.  It was maybe too relaxing as I almost fell asleep a good few times and I never nap.

I’m probably in need of a long lie too after getting up at half 6 this morning to get a workout in before work.  I LOVE early mornings and working out first things, but they can cause a bit of a crash later on when you’re going coffee-free.  I’m feeling a bit groggy now, but I’m going to start getting ready for the interclub tonight and hopefully I’ll perk up a bit!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday night!


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