Weekend Recap!

I said on Thursday that I was going to two days off from uni work.  It’s now Sunday night and I’m only just bringing myself to look at stuff again.  Not my dissertation though, not yet.  I’m sticking to some compulsory reading for my class tomorrow and all the hard work where I actually have to think will continue tomorrow.

I woke up in a great mood today.  I’ve enjoyed having a couple of days not having to stress about deadlines, and, has anyone else noticed how good the weather is getting?  Seriously, I feel like it was snowing just two weeks ago – or maybe that’s because it was snowing just two weeks ago.  But that’s all in the past now (I hope), and on Friday night, I managed to trade in my woolly and padded jackets for my thin leather-look one.  It might have just been the wine but I wasn’t even cold.

 I was out on Friday to watch the uni interclub not even realising until after that it’ll be the last one I’ll ever go to while I’m still part of the club – or a student in general.  And I didn’t even remember to save the photo’s I uploaded on my Snapchat story so I have no pics!

Still, it was a good night and I woke up fresh enough to go to Aldi the next morning before work.  They’ve started doing pre-packed Caesar Salad kits like the ones that I used to chain eat from Tesco and Asda.  So I treated myself to a wee throwback and it was today’s lunch.


Not bad for something like £1.50!

After scoffing that, I felt just about motivated enough to make my way to the library, where I still am and probably will stay until I get hungry again.

I’m feeling positive about the upcoming week.  I had a hot mug of turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon today and it really wasn’t as bad as you’d think, so I feel like I can manage that this week too.   A few days off was just what I needed to reboot and get some hard work in!

Watch this space…


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