First sparring experience and Italian food!

What makes a sleepy Monday morning more interesting than a fire alarm during class to give some excitement?  It was like being back in high school.

Today wasn’t a normal Monday anyway, to be fair.  I woke up and went for a run – something that I don’t think I’ve ever done on the same day as a Muay Thai session before.  I then got ready and went to class to have a fire alarm break up the lecture after 10 minutes.  All I can say is I’m glad it wasn’t raining!

I went to the library after and tried to get as much work done as possible in the four hours before Muay Thai, but let’s be serious, after a really difficult class, my brain does not function properly for a decent afternoon of work.


And then it was time for Muay Thai.  After almost a year, today was really different.  I’ve been training four hours a week, but doing as little sparring (free-fighting, no set routine) as possible.  Today, I didn’t have a choice.  Even our warm up was basic sparring.  But I actually liked it (what?!).  I’ve been worried about not knowing what to do, or hurting my opponent too much beforehand, but I had to leave all of that behind tonight.  It was fun being able to train my reflexes and use my initiative to compete in two hours of short rounds using a combination of all the kicks, punches and defences that I’ve been training for all this time.

It’s made me realise that maybe I don’t have to leave early every time a sparring session starts, and that next year once I’ve left uni and join another Muay Thai club, sparring is something that I can take part in regularly.

Afterwards, it was a quick run to Prezzo where I was out with the family for my dad’s birthday.  It was nice to spend a Monday relaxing with some antipasti, pizza, wine and of course cake.  So all in all a really good Monday.


Has your week started off as positively? Let me know!


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