Can I work from home?

Can I work from home? 

Quick answer, yes.  But it’s not the best.

Making it into class today was achievement enough though and for the first time in weeks, I just wanted to get home after.  I want a day that doesn’t include the library at some time or another.

I set my day up with a smoothie bowl (spinach, kale, frozen mango, banana, almost milk) and some lemon and hot water.


I’m running out of green tea, so introducing lemon and hot water this week has been a handy alternative.

After my class, I headed home and – you guessed it – caught up on a bit of on demand TV.  Apparently yesterday was too knackering for me.  Afterwards, I did a Blogilates arm workout session, followed by the 100 Burpee Burnout that I’ve done twice in the last week now, and absolutely LOVE.  Recommended for anyone wanting to work their whole body and cardio in less than 15 minutes.

Following that, and clearly avoiding all uni work like the plague, I spent half an hour or so doing a variety of Blogilates stretching videos.  The Stretch Revolution is really inspiring me to keep on improving my flexibility.

Every-possible-activity-bar-work done, and it was time to start an essay I have coming up.  It went ok, and I got a fair bit done with the help of some crudités (i.e. baby carrots and pepper sticks) and hummus.


Oh, and another lovely mug of lemon and hot water.

After a couple of (not so) solid hours of work, I made a quick dinner of salmon on courgetti and I’m more or less ready to call it a night now.


So maybe I do my best work in the library, but at least I know I will get something done staying at home.


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