Broken Mac’s and breakdowns

Today marked that well-anticipated day. The one that saw my first proper breakdown of the semester.  Not bad considering we’re nearing the end of week 9?!

It’s all my Mac’s fault.  I noticed last night that it was acting up, and I could no longer use my Messages, Airdrop or get onto my e-mails, but I simply restarted it – as all sensible people do – and thought that today would be fine.

It was not.  No matter how many times I restarted my laptop, and ‘force quit’ and reopened my documents, they still kept on crashing.  Aren’t they meant to be the fool-proof ways to fix technology?!  So today, at approximately 12pm – in my bedroom and make-up freshly painted for work – I broke down.

I only had the morning to do any sort of uni work before going to work and there was so much I wanted to do to get some peace of mind.  So much that should have been achievable in the given timeframe of 2 and a half hours.  But when most of that time was spent trying to just access a basic document, I couldn’t handle it.

The poor state of my Mac played on my mind during my whole shift, and when I got home and realised that Word was still frozen nearly six hours later, the stress resurfaced.

And to add to that, everything I wrote for my essay yesterday was deleted or somehow didn’t save. Break, please?!

There’s not much about this situation I can be positive about.

At least the internet still works and I can still post this.  At least I sort of remember what I was discussing in my essay and should be able to key it out again fairly easily.  And I’ve booked in to see Apple support in their store tomorrow so fingers crossed they can tell me what on EARTH is going on.

Ahhh rant over; I suppose they don’t call it ‘hump day’ for nothing!


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