What goes down must come up??

Yesterday was just what I needed.

With the mental breakdown of my year, I’d really hit a low point.  Surely things could only get better?

I didn’t sleep well.  Every couple of hours I woke in mad panics thinking about all the work I didn’t get round to doing yesterday and how behind I am with everything. 

So this morning – apparently to create some sort of symbolism that would show the world how distressed I was – I pulled on an old jumper and pair of leggings  and headed into the Apple store for my appointment.

It did not go well.  After sitting with one of their Geniuses for 20 minutes, we both concluded that we had no idea what on Earth was wrong with my Mac.  You know it’s bad when even Apple don’t know.  He suggested that it went in for repairs and said I should hope to have it back at the end of the weekend.  I said that was fine, I mean, what can you do when it is almost the weekend?  I had already been drearily telling him about my dissertation and how much stress my faulty Mac had been causing me, and he must’ve seen the utter desperation in my eyes as he went and spoke to his manager who approved a fast-track on my Mac.  ‘You should get it back by the end of the day’, he told me. Thank youuu. 

And just like that my day was set up.  I went to the library to meet a friend to work on a joint presentation we’re doing next week, and even that was a lot less painful than I thought it would be.  After she left, I had two hours to spare before Muay Thai and, since there was no point going home to come back in, I used one of the library’s computers to get on with my next due essay.

It must’ve been in my head that today was turning out to be a good day, and I worked straight through when I should’ve went to Muay Thai on the essay.  I’m gutted that I missed it, but I think I really needed those extra two hours today and by half 6, I had finished the essay and was on my way to get my Mac.

So, a complete change from yesterday.  So much can happen in 24 hours!! For the first time in a while (and we’ll see how long this lasts), I’m feeling fairly centred and on track with everything, which is good since this weekend is going to be manic at work – like most stores at this time of year, we’re having a sale and I’m in unusual hours.  And the only way to get through working those is with a mind of complete positivity.  Bring it. 


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