How to survive until 11pm at work

I’m not a massive coffee drinker and today I’ve had two.  And a green tea.  And I put matcha in my smoothie (is there caffeine in matcha?!).

I needed all of it after the horrendous six hours of broken sleep that I got last night.  You may be wondering right about now why my post is so late and why I’m still awake.

Well the reason is not because I’ve been out partying (happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!) as much as I wish that I was, but I was working until 11 to organise the sale so it has been a late night through no choice of my own.

During past sales, I’ve not been a fan of the late night shifts, but tonight wasn’t too bad.   There was a lot to do, but we got on with it and the five hours flew by.  No, seriously!

Is it ridiculous that I actually like being in work during times of stress?  It lets me focus my energy on achieving lots of mini-goals during a shift and I get that feeling of accomplishment that I definitely don’t get when spending eight-hours at the library to end with an essay still unfinished.  I also like that I’m being productive when I’m not studying and earning dat dolla instead of scrolling through the gossip on Cosmopolitan online.

Now completely knackered, I’m going to bed so that I can be more myself (awake) and not scare the customers tomorrow.


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