WORST week ever?

Just as I was deciding that this has been the worst week ever, I find this little beauty.


Grapes for £1.48.  You can’t argue with that!  I certainly can’t, anyway.

Today shouldn’t have been so bad – I got to the library, got my work done and left before 5.   I did have to spent the first half an hour in there moving about to find a seat that had wi-fi connection and a charger, but I got there in the end.  Only to realise when I was leaving the building, that I’d lost my student card/key out of the library.  I can get temporary cards that will let me into the library for the rest of the semester, but if my card doesn’t get found, I face the real dilemma – buy a new student card for less than 6 months use (£10/15) or forfeit any future student discount.  Tough choice, really.

Why does this happen to me though.  I’ve gone through at least five student cards in the last 3 and a half years of uni. That probably says something about me, doesn’t it…

So that has added to the week where my mac has crashed, I’ve lost coursework (my sanity), I’ve worked loads and lost sleep.  Positivity, where u at?!

But it’s Sunday night, I’m up-to-date enough with work for me to not be tearing my hair out about the next week.

So we’ll see how it goes!


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