Happy SPRING!! Reasons to love the season

Yesterday was the first OFFICIAL day of Spring!!

Well, apparently it was, although I’ve been happily living contently with the idea that Winter has been over since the beginning of March.  But don’t let the snow this morning fool you because –  either way – Winter is it definitely gone, and I’ve been thinking about all the reasons why Spring is the best season.

A New Hope

No, it’s not time to watch Star Wars re-runs (although….), but the world is filled with a new burst of life that is so exciting to see after a long and cold few months.  And it’s all natural. Nature takes it course and if flowers can grow again on wind-battered trees, you can pick yourself up from whatever bad day/week/month you’ve had and made a start on working towards achieving your goals!  Wee bit of a self prep-talk there too.

Longer Days

The day no longer feels like you should be getting ready for bed at 4pm.  It’s now light until almost 7 and it’s only going to get later!  Brighter mornings as well means that there’s more motivation to get in an outdoor workout or run some errands before or after work!  Just being able to spend more time outside and in the sunlight is reason enough to love Spring itself.


It is so difficult to ignore all the Cream eggs, Oreo eggs, Galaxy golden eggs and whatever other unreal chocolate concoctions have been created in the run up to Easter.  If you’ve managed to avoid these so far, then you’re a stronger person that I am.  I tried a packet of Galaxy golden eggs last week, and they were delightful.  I’ll try and hold off now for the next few weeks, but just you wait until Easter.  All the chocolate will be eaten.  All. Of. It.


Not just chocolate, but Easter is the ultimate representation of new life and brighter things to come.  It’s a celebration, and it usually comes with holidays and a long weekend.

One Step Closer to SUMMER

Enter summer and all of the above points are intensified.  Even longer days, flowers in full bloom, heat and sunlight.  And chocolate gets replaced with frozen chocolate coating ice-cream and cocktails. Not that I’m counting down or anything…

There isn’t a best time of year to make a change in your life, but if there was, this would be it! Here’s to taking those Spring opportunities!




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