Five weeks to go! + rainbow packed lunches

Run, done.

Library, done.

Work, about to go.

 It’s one o’clock and this day has already been productive.  My morning had to be, because I’m working all afternoon and then I’m off to see Beauty and the Beast, yayy.

I’m on the final countdown of uni, having had my second last class ever yesterday, and it is now exactly five weeks today until that dreaded dissertation due date.

I made myself what I’m calling a ‘rainbow salad’ because I was starting to get a bit tired with my usual packed lunches.



After scrolling through Pinterest and looking at salad ideas, I decided to add red cabbage and sweetcorn to my usual shopping list on Monday’s Aldi trip and it’s made all the difference. Or maybe it’s something to do with the ‘Season All’ seasoning I bought to coat my chicken.  Either way, I can’t see myself getting sick of this packed lunch for a while.  Along with those colourful ingredients, this salad has feta, cooked spinach, kale, tomato and a green bell pepper.  What are your favourite salad ingredients?

I feel a lot better for looking after my health this week.  It’s too easy for stress to veer you into eating all the sugar and my body (and mood) has been suffering for it.  So along with my new veg additions, I filled up my shopping trolley with fresh mango, grapes, oranges, pears, peaches, frozen pineapple, bananas and any other tasty fruit I could find.   A few of those I don’t usually get so the novelty of eating a fresh mango will surely be enough to keep me away from buying chocolate?  That’s the plan anyway.  If chocolate didn’t make me feel so groggy and unproductive I wouldn’t even be considering staying away from it at this time of stress.

But, with only five more weeks of uni work left I’m aiming to keep up this morning’s kind of momentum over this time.  Wish me luck!



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