What better way to lighten up a Thursday afternoon than a little sushi-making session.

I got my sushi making kit as a gift almost a year ago, and although the box has been lying in the kitchen and staring at me ever since, I only got round to using it today.  With the help of Glen, I figured out what ingredients from my cupboards could be used for the fillings and it was a quick trip to Lidl for the rest.

The raw ingredients

(Included with kit)

Sushi Rice

Sushi white vinegar

Nori sheets

(My additions)

Smoked salmon

Seafood sticks




Getting started

I boiled about 250g of the sushi rice following the instructions on the pack.  It was about ten minutes cooking and 30 minutes cooling.



  1. I used the bamboo rolling mat that was in my kit – although making sushi in the past, I have substituted this for some plain old clingfilm – and placed a nori sheet on top.
  2. I spread the rice thinly over the sheet.
  3. Time to add my filling!


I mixed and matched all the fillings listed above on each roll that I made, but you could really add anything.  If Glen liked tuna or red cabbage they would’ve made there way into some of the rolls too!

4. Roll the nori sheet up.


5. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.


6. Cut into small sections, and enjoy!


We ate these with some wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.  We probably made a bit too much, as there was quite a lot left over and neither of us are hungry even four hours later.  And that’s tomorrows packed lunch sorted too.






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