NEW Porridge Recipe

I’m writing this while I wait for my laptop to charge.  I had a good spot in the library until I’d been here about five hours and realised oops my mac is out of charge!

And even on a Friday evening, finding a place to sit that has a plug is difficult.  I’ve picked an empty desk of computers and am stealing one of the sockets.  Only thing is there is no wi-fi over here, so I can’t really do any work.  I have so many issues connecting to the uni wi-fi recently, but I can deal with it for this last month, I suppose.

I’m thinking about how good my breakfast was this morning and I’m tempted to just go home and eat instead of waiting until I can move to a wi-fi-friendly spot – those Friday feels.  I tried to start my day of right with a run, Blogilates and a big breakfast, and for whatever reason I’ve been craving a lot of porridge these days, so I’ve tried to mix up my toppings.


How yummy does this look?!  I was so proud of how it looked (and tasted) that I wanted to share.

I’ve basically just started adding in every sweet spice and condiment that I have in. Today this is topped with raisins, almond extract, vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon and cocoa powder. Goldilocks would be proud, but if you’re not a sweet tooth, this probably isn’t for you.

Glen’s away home for a week and left me with all of his food that would go off.  Which means I have about 10 bananas and two large bags of spinach, so I thought I would start working through them with a smoothie. This contains two bananas, some frozen pineapple chunks and as much spinach as I could possibly fit in the cup.

In my mug was lemon and ginger tea, which is one of those ‘naturally caffeine free’ herbal teas that you get that are not a great idea when you’ve had 7 hours sleep and try to go to the library all day…

Ramblings over, I’ve managed to connect to the internet so it’s back to some work – we’ll see how long this lasts.



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