Comic Relief catch-up

The clocks go back (forward?) tonight and I am not ready to lose this hour of sleep. But for now I’m feeling pretty relaxed, with a cup of cinnamon and cherry tea catching up on Comic Relief with my mum. 

After work, I decided to go home to my parents house, with it being Mother’s Day tomorrow and all. I’ve not been back in almost 3 months, I don’t know where the time goes!  So I’ll get a comfy bed and stocked fridge in the morning which might make the loss of sleep more bearable (might..). 

I finished work at half 5, but it was so nice to come out and discover it was still sunny and hot and bright. Does anyone else find work going to work better when the weather is nice? It’s an instant good mood. I got to do a lot of merchandising at work to sort the place after the sale which meant I got to spend 5 and a half hours basically outfit building and making the floor look pretty again. 

Right now I’m half writing this, half waiting for the Love Actually sequel to come on – did anyone see it last night? I read just enough this morning to hear that it was brilliant but not enough for any spoilers so I’m excited. Getting back to it now!



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