Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I don’t know if I’m shattered from the lost hour last night, a day spent walking or exposure to some actual sunlight.

My mum and I decided to walk into town since it was such a nice day, and to stop us from having toooo lazy a Sunday.  It was gorgeous outside – it peaked at about 16/17º.  So strange, I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have some sun and warmth consistently for a full day.  I even had to take my jacket off at one point – quite a big deal, I know.

The walk was about 6-miles there and back, and in town we made a stop into Sports Direct.  I’ve had a voucher for there since Christmas, and have desperately been needing new trainers, but for some reason I’ve never quite put two and two together and used my voucher to buy some in the last 3 months.  But I was forced inspired by my mum to find some new shoes because she was fed up with me walking about in the same old kicks I’ve had forever.  I managed to get some lightweight Nike running shoes and some special padded running socks to try and recover the mess that is my feet and still have £10 of my voucher left over.

So, freshly changed into my new shoes, it was also time for a well-earned/celebratory Mother’s Day lunch.  The options are limited in town, but we went for Frankie and Benny’s.  I had a Hawaiian pizza that I was quite impressed with, and a sundae, because what is a sunny day without ice-cream?


It was all chocolatey and creamy and lovely.  Also, shout-out to Frankie and Benny’s who were giving all the mum’s a free box of chocolate so that’s a chuffed mum hiding behind my ice-cream.

After we got home, I tried to do some work before coming home but after about 20 minutes I decided that that will be a job for tomorrow.



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