17º outside and I’m in the library

I was too quick coming back through to Glasgow yesterday.  I knew I’d forget something; I almost always do.  This time?  I forgot to bring through the book that I was planning on writing an essay on today.  Good one.

Trying not to use this as an excuse to spend the day with my pal, Netflix, I headed to the library this morning anyway.  I’ve now been here for four hours and have done exactly NO uni work.  But I have managed to apply for some jobs.

I’ve not really been feeling the job hunt these last few weeks because I’m too exhausted with the stress of all the other uni work I should be doing.  I have 4 and a half weeks until that’s all finished – it is literally the FINAL PUSHHHH (then no more daily moaning about uni work) – so I was thinking I would just wait until the to start the search again.  But who knew it was such a good way to avoid actual uni work in the library?  And do you know what else is good for that?  Writing this blog…

Writing a dissertation in journalism means that I have to do a lot of interviews.  In past years, I was good at avoiding these by almost always scraping by with email interviews.  But I’ve made real progress.  I might even go as far as to say I enjoy conducting a wee interview.  Especially a phone one, where I can freely type as they talk without seeming rude.  I have one tonight after Muay Thai that I hope will give me enough to write another section of my dissertation.  Also posting this now so I have no distractions to not work on the diss after my interview tonight.  Very clever.



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