My last day at Uni EVER

Today was quite a big day.  I had the last lecture and tutorial that I will ever have at university.  Four years have gone far too quickly.  I’m honestly getting to the stage in life where four years doesn’t even seem like a long time anymore, because I know it can pass as quickly as my university degree has.

The class was Ethics in Journalism and was finished by midday.  My friend and I went out for lunch to Bread Meats Bread to celebrate the end of the era.  The only photo that I took made its way onto my Instagram story before I had a chance to save it, but if you can see, I had the blue cheese burger and chips and my friend had the bacon cheeseburger.  I’ve never been before but I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience.  Our waitress recommended that the chip portions were quite big and we might want to share, but she’s clearly never seen me eat.  I ate all of mine but I can’t say that my company done as well.


Between bites, we thought back to every little memorable event that has happened since we started university in 2013, and when you do that, it does seem like quite a long time.  There were classes that we took and tutors that we had that we can barely remember.  The size of the classes went from hundreds in first year to barely 25 now.  Being typical ladies who lunch – especially during the less taxing first three years of uni – we remembered all of the disasters small places that we’d eaten and realised that perhaps not surprisingly, a couple of them are now closed down.

With full bellies, we came to the library and I managed to have the most productive day that I’ve had in a while.

I’m sure that I’ll write a more in-depth reflection of my time at university when I’m actually finished, deadline-free and possibly graduated, but for now I’m waiting for it all to fully hit me that I’m done and that the learning process, at least, is more or less finished.

Scary stuff!



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