My Favourites this week!

I’ve moaned a lot recently.  Too much uni work, too much actual work, too many things on the to-do list.  So I thought I would let you all know that just sometimes I do still smile and have moments where I don’t feel burdened with stress.

Here are three things that I’ve been loving this past week:

The weather

The sun has been hit and miss the past week, but it’s getting warmer and brighter even when it’s overcast, and I can appreciate the effort.  It’s given me the chance to look back in my closest and rediscover more t-shirts and thinner jackets.


I bought fresh mangos kind of out on a limb last week (crazy, I know) and after a bit of time hacking away at them and figuring out how you actually cut the damn things, they have been happily consumed.  I even bought another two at the weekend to start getting through!


After talking about my lack of adventure on Netflix, I started a new series – Homeland.  Six days later and I’m half way through season 2.  It is SO captivating.  I’m normally no1 fan of watching shows that I don’t need to think for so that I can test my multi-tasking skills and stalk Facebook at the same time.  But this requires my full attention and I’m surprisingly ok with that.

All this speaking of Homeland has reminded me that it’s been almost 24 hours since I last watched an episode and that needs to change *turns on Netflix*.




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