Everything’s coming to an end!

I have an hour to kill at the library.

I say ‘to kill’ when of course I could be doing work, but my laptop has dwindled down to 24% battery and I don’t feel mentally prepared enough for the dash round the library trying to find somewhere with both wi-fi and a plug socket.  Life.

But we are nearing the end of Thursday and that means that it is almost the weekend, so I will forgive my uni’s terrible library facilities for today.  At least 60% of the people in the library don’t come at the weekends so I’ll take my chance then to prowl for the best seat.

Currently sitting with my brightness right down to save energy, I’m hanging around because I’m about to have my last Muay Thai session possibly ever at the uni.  Why is everything coming to an end already?!  Okay, I haven’t been the most active member this semester – because life got busaaaay – but I have still been at least once a week and I’m sure I’ll notice the gap in my Monday and Thursday evenings.  It’ll mean four less hours of socialising a week, and four more hours of silent library time.  Four less hours to punch and kick out all my stress and four more hours to sit in a chair and also desperately up the running game to make up for no more catered workout sessions.

The only thing that’s not coming to an end is the amount of work I have to do and stress that I’m experiencing.  Yep, brilliant.

And now my battery is on 19%.



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