Dissertation SUMBITTED

The dissertation is IN and that’s it!!!! Ours only get sumbitted electronically and it was surprisingly nerve-wracking pressing ‘submit’.  But it’s DONE. My last bit of uni work ever handed in and I have no exams. Am I even still a student?!! Now, my life will just consist of work and waiting to get my grades back before graduation. I can’t believe it! Now time for a looooong sleep.  X Continue reading Dissertation SUMBITTED

Two year anniversary! 

Today is mine and Glen’s two year anniversary.  Awww.  It’s went so quickly, honestly.  And to celebrate, I made a healthy prawn, pea and asparagus ‘risotto’ – actually made with pearl barely – that I found in this months Women’s Health.  I’ll post the full recipe another day, but I was proud at how it turned out for the first time recipe! Now to spend a night relaxing before my birthday tomorrow.  X Continue reading Two year anniversary!