April Fool’s Day!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and trick you.  I’ve never been good at that; I’m clearly much too honest a person or something…

What I am, though, is incredibly wary of this day.  I am much too gullible for a day where people – including all the newspapers and magazine’s – are trying to feed me lies.  Make it stop.  Honestly, I was watching BBC news this morning and they done a run through of the papers and, even though they said that some of the stories would be April Fool’s, I was still sitting there 30 seconds later fully believing that Prince Harry had just gotten married in Vegas.  Thanks for that, Daily Mail.  Has anyone else fallen victim to similar torment today?!

Apart from that this morning, I’ve spent my day so far hidden in the far corner of the library avoiding the risk of being made an (April) fool of.


Isn’t it great when it’s officially the Easter holidays and no one is in studying?

I need to leave this sanctuary and go to work soon, so let’s hope no one catches me out then.  I’m sure you’re not meant to do April fool’s after midday, but since people were throwing them about even yesterday (pink avocados, anyone?), I’m sure people will continue on for the rest of the day.

The hours are slipping by; I woke up before my alarm at quarter to 7 and suddenly we’re well into the afternoon.  I’ve been here in the library for almost three and I’ve applied for ONE job and done a wee bit of redrafting work on an essay.  And in an hour it’ll be off to work.   I don’t feel as tired as I did this time yesterday, though, so who knows maybe I’ll get some work done at half 6 when I finish my shift (ha, now that is an April Fool’s).



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