Why we need to Zzzzz

Last night, I slept from half 10 until half 9 this morning.  A full ELEVEN hours.  I didn’t realise how much I needed that – and you might not either!  So here is my wee reminder to all of you about how important it is to get some zzzzzz’s.

Improved mood

There are no two ways about it: being tired makes us cranky.  The days are tough enough without us walking around hating on every person that DARES to even looks at us, and generally hating life.  Having an early night, or snoozing the alarm might just fix this.

Improved productivity

I can’t say that this has been the case for me today, but usually feeling well-rested leaves us ready and raring to go!  For me, it was more like binge-watching Netflix until dragging myself to the library mid-afternoon (sshhh).  But I was in such a good mood that I didn’t care!  Getting through half a season of Homeland in one morning is productive anyway, right?

Looking freshhhhh

Getting enough sleep really shows on our whole body.  The bags start to disappear from under our eyes, our body repairs so our skin improves and apparently getting lotsa sleep stops premature aging so we might bag another year or two before the wrinkles start appearing.  That is truly reason enough.

Improved creativity

Anyone who tells you that sleeping is not a creative process is just plain boring.  And wrong – I dream every night and they’re pretty vivid.  My mind is coming up with stories even when I’m unconscious, so the more sleep I get the more of a warm-up my creativity gets for the day?  Or, you know, there’s some actual science behind it that you can read here.

Healthier choices

We’re less likely to reach for utter rubbish to fuel ourselves when we’ve had a good sleep.  We don’t need the sugar rush for that extra energy because we banked that with that extra 30 minutes in bed, yayy.

So maybe make it a chilled Sunday night with a bath, some green tea and an early night. Sounds fab.



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