Where is the time going?!

I have no idea what day of the week it is, what time of the day it is and when the last time I changed my socks was.  But what I do know is that in three weeks (tomorrow) all my worries will be over.  And that I am desperate for a glass of Pinot.

I’m developing some kind of writer’s block.  Not the usual kind, where you stare at your work frustrated by knowing what you want to say, but not having a clue how to write it down.  It’s more like a delusional, I’ve worked on my dissertation for less than two hours and I feel like I’ve done all I can do for now.  Which is completely untrue with essentially 4000 words still to write and the whole thing to restructure.  But I’m stuck, and for the first time in my life I understand what people mean when they say that they’re becoming a shadow of themselves.   Can I just submit my blog for my dissertation??

I’m working tomorrow and going away on Friday, so I’ve figured out that I have 14 days, more or less, that are completely uninterrupted by other plans to get this all finished.  Which brings me back to why I definitely should take my laptop away with me this weekend…

All I know is that the time is swiftly disappearing and I should stop thinking ‘it’ll get done cause it has to’ and start thinking about what I actually want to do to it.



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