How to get stuff DONE

The secret to getting through a heavy work-load is jumping on a train with you laptop, apparently.  

If you don’t have a train, a distraction-free room/desk/place will do.

 I’m on the train to London now and have been for almost three hours. There’s no decent wi-fi and the data on my phone is getting dangerously low – I’m only turning it on now to post this! So basically my main source of enterainment has been proof-reading work. No, seriously…

 What else am I meant to do by myself with no internet, though? I’ve brought some magazines because I’m falling quite behind in this game. My new issue of Women’s Health came today and I’ve still not finished last months but in two weeks I’ll have time to read them cover to cover so I’m holding onto that.  Being on the silent coach is working well for me anyway, maybe my six-hour journey back on Thursday will be good for me…  



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