London Round-Up

I’m officially on my way back from London. More specifically, I am somewhere just North of Newcastle, four hours into my six-hour train journey. And once again I’m trying my wonder productivity technique of seeing how much work I can get done without the internet or any other distractions. So far, the result is: moderate. 

Ive had a pretty SUCCESSFUL trip down to London in a lot of senses. 

1. I managed to get that mini-break feeling and (almost) sense of relaxing. 

2. I achieved this without the guilt of avoiding uni work thanks to a five hour Starbucks session yesterday, where I definitely outstayed the welcome of the £4 drink that I bought.

3. I got to indulge in a couple of almond milk green tea lattes (I’m good to myself). 

I done a lot of running around and think I visited nearly every train and tube station in London. This one at King’s Cross Station did make me laugh though. 

HarryP934“, platform nine and 3/4’s anyone? 

It was good to get away by myself, spend time with people I hadn’t seen in a while and meet new people. And of course to get some work done away from the pressures of the library. And one thing’s for sure – I’ll definitely sleep tonight!



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