Fashion Pause

For the first time in longer than I would like to admit, I took some time tonight to read a lot of the recent posts of all the lovely blogs that I follow.   I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve hardly spent anytime on here and it made me so happy to see what you are all up to!  I would seriously encourage all my followers to follow each other because there is some wonder content being produced here.

But also what it really made me realise was that I cannot WAIT to get back into fashion.  I loved seeing what you are all buying these days, and whenever I do let myself pop into the shops in town, I’m overwhelmed with a full on Carrie Bradshaw sense of “I need everything.  Now.”  Like today I had to go into Zara to get a present and almost left with the cutest jacket that was definitely going to be too warm to wear in about a week.  It had the cutest frilly sleeves though!

When I am finished with all my uni work, the weather will be really picking up and I can get a few new pieces for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.  Until then, I’m on a bit of a fashion pause where I’m rarely in anything other than lycra leggings and crew sweatshirts (classic library look).



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