Choco overload!

Looking at my Featured Image, I’m sure you can tell how I’m feeling right now.  Absolute choco overload.  Be prepared to read the word “chocolate” a lot in the next couple of minutes.


Ok, so these aren’t all for me (my waistline rejoices!), but I probably am getting to the age where I shouldn’t really be getting any Easter eggs anymore…  But since I did, here are my highlights – because I am the kind of person who loves chocolate enough to compile an actual list.

Easter Eggs that come with a mug



I mean come onnnn.  Something I used to hate growing up (just give me extra chocolate please?!!), but something I LOVE as a green tea junkie.  And it’s so bright and colourful!

Themed eggs


Glen done well.  Not technically an “egg” but combining chocolate with Star Wars makes me very happy.  It’s almost too nice to eat!  I said almost’. 

And of course, the Ferrero Rocher egg hiding in the back on my top photo that didn’t even get to hang around long enough for a photo.  The shell was like a giant ferrero rocher with actual nuts inside.  Can you tell they’re my favourite sweet?

I hope you’ve all had a great holiday weekend too and lived out all your Willy Wonka chocolate dreams.



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