Catching Up!

Something BRILLIANT happened today.

Ok, well I was excited anyway.

Do you remember when I said my TV wasn’t working?  Ok ok, I am apparently the laziest person ever because that was a good month and a half ago and I’ve not done anything about it since.  But today my parents came through to visit and the flat is like a new place.  My dad managed to fix the TV – in about 30 seconds I may add – as well as sort out some hot water issues we were having and fix a coatrack that had fallen off the wall back on.

So the flat looks tidier without spare jackets lying about and I got to catch-up on about a month of missed TV.  Good day all-round?!  Well, I started to catch-up.  I downloaded every episode of Geordie Shore that has been on this season and watched a couple of those.  I don’t really have a spare 20++ hours to catch-up on everything that I missed but I’m sure I’ll get there.   I also managed to watch the news on something that wasn’t my phone for the first time in ages again which excited me more than I’d care to admit.

In between this, I spent a good bit of time filming for the videos I’m making to accompany my dissertation.  This is one part of the work that I really don’t mind doing, and since I’m surprisingly not tired, I’m going to spend a bit of time editing these now.




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