One week to go!

One week today and it is the deadline of my dissertation.  ONE.  WEEK. 

This one piece of work has been haunting me since January and I can’t believe that it’ll be over soon.  I think I’m being a bit too calm.  Today, I worked on it for only an hour or two before going to work, and since coming back I’ve reserved my time for Netflix and Homeland.  But I really do feel ok about it – even with the mini-deadline I’ve given myself to have it to a final draft standard by the end of the weekend.

Next week is an exciting one for a few other reasons, also.  Actually, a lot of reasons.  It’s Glen and I’s two-year anniversary on Monday, and it’s my birthday on Tuesday, and after Wednesday, the rest of the week is filled with trips away and other events.  All the more motivation to crack on and give everything for the next five days!



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