Addicted to work

Working is getting addictive.  Seriously, I’ve hardly been able to stop in the last 24-hours. I’m not complaining because I’m getting stuff done, but I have to wonder why now and where has this motivation been for the last four years?!  Coming out right at the end, typical.

Even now my head is buzzing with ideas and I want to keep drafting and redrafting my work.  And after a day at the library, it is usually laptop away and Netflix binge.  But after an hour of stalking social media to unwind after the library, I was straight back on it and completed my whole bibliography before I even made dinner.   While trying to write this, I have even pulled up my dissertation a couple of times to add in notes.

I think I’m feeling the pressure.  I have an alarm set for 7am tomorrow because I want to go for a run and get to the library ASAP – it’s that time of year where it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a seat.   I have a Muay Thai meeting at 7pm tomorrow night so I need to actually stay at the library until then as well.  What better way to spend a Friday than a ten hour library sesh?!   Hoping my mind calms down a bit now so I can get some sleep before this..



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