Friday Night Dinner

I was so on track with my eating until right now.  I present my dinner.


Y u m. 

The only thing that makes it look sadder is the horrible green desks that fill my library.  I’m not even a crisp fan, but to be honest this is about as healthy as my uni gets, unless you want to pay £2.20 for a tiny Bounce ball or £3/4 on a salad.  These two came to £1.75.

It was my own fault and I knew it would happen.  I’ve been at the library for eight hours now, and I’ll be here for another 30 minutes or so until this meeting.  By the time I get in, I’ll have been out the house for near enough 12 hours.  I tried to bring enough food, but my salad, yogurt and bag of oranges had my hungry again by half 5.  But what can you really bring out that will provide meals for the whole day.

My day went well, though!  I feel like I made good progress, and dare I say, finished all my dissertation work?!  I will still read over it another hundred or two times before submitting it, but it’s basically at final draft level and I am so relieved.  Last piece of uni work ever almost completed, and you’ll no longer have to hear about it, ha!



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