My warning against knives sharpeners 

Knives sharpeners. I mean who even came up with that idea and decided that it would make a good product. Who needs something like that? Not me anyway. 

I’ve been happy enough for the last four years chopping away with the same knives we’ve always had, and I’ve never really had any issues. But somebody (Glen) thought that they were too blunt and sharpened all my knives behind my back.  So sneaky.  

~ See my featured image for the culprit ~

He done this about a week or two ago, and since then I’ve cut my palm and sliced by finger. I let the palm cut go, because – although it was inconvenient- it was small enough. But the slice on my finger is too far. Can you tell this has just happened? Maybe I’m overreacting but I swear I’ve become lightheaded and my heart rate has went up at least 10bpm (thanks Fitbit!).  So I’m not impressed with my new cutlery. 

Most pointless product ever or am I just an awful chopper, hmm. 



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