New Muay Thai gym

The idea of going to a public Muay Thai gym was daunting.  Who even knew Glasgow held such places?!  With the uni sessions ending a month ago, my fingers were TWITCHING to be back in those gloves.  So tonight, along with my partner, we bit the bullet and headed to a class.

FullSizeRender 62.jpg

Even though the warm-up and training was very similar to what I’ve done at uni, I thought I was going to be sick as I bounced back up from what must have been my 100th burpee in 10 minutes.  A key example of why not to stop doing something that is 50% of your weekly exercise for four weeks.

The class started at 8 and was set to last an hour, but ended up going on until about half 9.  Great.  There was a HIIT-style warm-up, pad work and some clinching.  It was more of a struggle than usual, but I kept at it and by the end I felt brilliant and I’ll definitely be back later this week and over the summer for other sessions.



3 thoughts on “New Muay Thai gym

    1. I’ve been training Muay Thai for about a year but having a month of very little activity I think made it more difficult when going back to. Yeah I’ll need to work on my overall fitness in other ways as well 🙂

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