Dusting off the piano

What has happened to the last week?!  The only reason that I even know that it’s Friday – AGAIN – is from all the posts on social media of people ready to go oot scoot.

I came in from work and binge-watched Netflix (cause I can) until about two hours ago where I decided to have a throwback evening that 14-year-old me would be proud of.  I brought out my old keyboard that’s lucky if it’s been used three times this year, and decided to learn something new.


So this has been my scene tonight.  I clicked about looking for full PDF’s of sheet music that I could access online and can now just about play the first 40 seconds of the piano theme of Up!

Now that I do have very few other things binding my time, I have no reason not to spend a good amount of time adding to my repertoire this summer.



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