Holiday Stalking!

Looking at holidays is so addictive, right?

This morning, my day started by seeing where I can get away to later in the summer.  Since I already have a holiday booked (one week today!) that is fairly expensive, my goal is to see where I can get the sun and decent enough accommodation for as little money as possible.

So far, it’s looking like Spain, probably Majorca.

But until that’s finalised, I am having so much fun just looking.  Does anyone else set all the filters to the best and look at the hotels from price: highest-lowest.  Just me?  Obviously knowing that I wouldn’t go to the most expensive places, but it’s nice to see how amazing some hotels actually are!

Another thing that keeps me inexplicably entertained is stalking all the landscapes and attractions of the area on Google images and seeing what beautiful beaches I could be walking down.

I feel like I get way too excited by such activities, but all this holiday excitement means that it is definitely coming into summer!



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