Why NOT to run in the sun

It may have been a Monday morning, but I woke up and felt the urge to go for a run for the first time in almost two weeks.

The sun was shining and I couldn’t help but think that that was excuse enough to stay inside instead.  Why?  It might just be me, but I see so many problems with running when it’s more than 5º outside.

  1. It’s HOT – as if running alone isn’t enough to get you sweaty, the sun beaming down and temperatures reaching the teens make it all the more taxing.
  2. What do you wear? – It’s difficult to even strip off for the run because where will you put your phone?  And running without music and a tracker is a whole other issue.
  3. It’s bright – Running with sunglasses isn’t a good idea, unless you get specifically designed ones (note: I do not).  Running with your eyes shut isn’t the best idea either, so the whole workout is done with a kind of awkward squint.

That being said, since I did manage to go outside today, I realised that there is one main benefit.

  1. Good Mood – Running in a mood enhancer, and the sun just makes everyone happy.  So putting them both together can do wonders for how your feeling.

I’ll need to remember this point myself when I’m snoozing my alarm later in the week, but if you’re needing that extra motivation, just think of how it’ll make you feel!



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