Five days in Majorca!

The last couple of months have been surprisingly busy.

I feel like I’ve had one thing after another and it’s been stopping me from developing any sort of post-uni routine.

Most recently, was a short trip to Majorca – which I can’t really complain about, let’s be serious.

I only had the time off to go Sunday-Friday, and if you’re the same and can only do a quick mini-break because of work or saving money,  here is my advice on how to get the most out of a holiday in the sun.

1. Sunbathe 


Because you really don’t have an excuse to be inside when it’s 30º by the pool – and why would you want to?

2. Visit a waterpark


Or a theme park/zoo/aquarium if they’re more your thing.  Such places are so unashamedly touristy that it would be wrong not to indulge whilst in another country.  Note: I visited Western Park, Magaluf that would I definitely recommend!

3. Find a Beach

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetIMG_4018

Because the Med will always be a more sparkly, beautiful shade of blue than anything you’d see a trip down Pleasure Beach.

4. Watch the sunset


It’s still hot enough to stand outside in a pair of shorts and everything in sight turns to gold in the dimming light.  Also a great time for those golden hour photographs!

5. Visit a show


While we were still down the Magaluf way for the waterpark (about 2 hours from our hotel), we went and saw the Pirate Adventure show.  These types of shows are everywhere and very often include a free meal, unlimited booze and stunning performances.  Once again, when in Rome..




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