Why I’ve Lost Motivation

Why haven’t I been writing much?

Why have I been so stagnant?

Why have I felt so lost?


Without using too many airy-fairy cliches, I feel like finishing uni gave me an inch, and I took a mile.  Not coooool. 

It’s easy to do; after four years of constant deadlines, I was finally FREE to spend my spare time doing whatever I wanted.  And working about 15 hours a week there was a lot of spare time.

I tried to make the most of this in a few different ways….

  1. I gave myself a break off writing daily to improve the quality of my posts and I’ve all but stopped completely. 
  2. I gave myself leeway with how many runs I was going to do a week and it dropped to one a week. 
  3. I allowed myself to eat and drink more often to “celebrate” my achievements and my weekly vegetable intake basically halved.

I really did think this would make me more relaxed, but working towards nothing has left me with nothing but an empty blog, being completely up-to-date with Love Island and a five pound weight gain.  Whose with me?!

HOWEVER, this week I’ve cut out the junk, introduced a new workout plan and been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my blog.




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