Botanical Gardens

Is it just me or are there Botanical Gardens everywhere?  I’m not complaining, though. The little parks are dotted around most cities that manage to keep alive plants that should never be growing in Britain.  Today, the warm conservatories that keep these plants alive were ideal for walking around in when the wind made today’s sunshine deceivingly cold. I wish I’d taken out my new camera to catch all the loveliness, but my phone had to do. There was even a mini built in desert! And this gorgeous plant. X Advertisements Continue reading Botanical Gardens

Dissertation SUMBITTED

The dissertation is IN and that’s it!!!! Ours only get sumbitted electronically and it was surprisingly nerve-wracking pressing ‘submit’.  But it’s DONE. My last bit of uni work ever handed in and I have no exams. Am I even still a student?!! Now, my life will just consist of work and waiting to get my grades back before graduation. I can’t believe it! Now time for a looooong sleep.  X Continue reading Dissertation SUMBITTED